Have you noticed?

When I don’t talk,
There’s silence between us.

When I don’t call,
There’s distance.

When I don’t text,
We run out of words.

Have you noticed?

When I don’t ask
There’s no openness.

When I don’t show affection
None of us cares.

When I don’t pray
There’s no amen.

Darling, have you noticed?
That I’m the one dating us.

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  1. Tuedor Abigail
    Tuedor Abigail says:

    Reminds me of hazel in John Green’s the fault in our star, though the story is different but she kinda realised there was no longer a “us” after Gus’ death. Loll, OK. I play too much.
    Nice one tho..

  2. Winifred
    Winifred says:

    Awwwnnn this is sadly true of some relationships.

    With time the one who tries to keep them together, gets tired of being the glued.
    Beautiful poem Cirphrank


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