As kids we had the keys to fun, did nothing out of the norm and nothing in the norm, it was a Heavenly paradox.

I still remember how we took turns to wheel the tyres, with you quite clothed and me nearly unclad my attire and during some mix up we put up pseudo juvenile fight with me screaming that’s my tyre!…

I wanted to be a medical doctor, didn’t really know much then but knew you at least wanted same and parents loved it… So with time I watched as you unlocked and untied a passage to a lifetime of dumbfounding reality, that was daring and I did just likewise…

So with time we moved here and there, to and forth with our childhood fortress getting knocked off to rubbles as off us they were rubbed off and now I’m thinking what happened to us?

The brotherhood had turned lone ranger’s hood with occasional HIs and how are you, clearly no dislike but I can’t help but think at times that the distance physically between us applied to our hearts likewise.

You know, lest this gets long and probably end up an ado, I still like the connection between our minds though, our rationality with decisions and our twin of a personality which had been and still lasting.

You know from time to time, I still check on your path though, pick up some of your footsteps and try to fit them on and they bring memories along, for as long as they last they kill the cold growing man in me and caresses the baby out of me and I turn and see two kids fetching water while it rains, you and me and I’m like : what happened to we?…

We grew up, that’s what happened, we had to yet I still at times ponder saying : why did we?

…was it worth it?


©Cirphrank Wordy. J2016.

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