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There is increase intolerance in Nigeria and like a wise friend rightly quoted: ‘We are united by necessity and divided by conspiracy,hate, and politics’.
This is why we hate one another a times and pretend we do not other times. Why don’t the hate come to manifest when we are doing business? Or other issues important to us?
You see! Necessity? Ebuka selling raw materials in the North need Ahmad to make him rich. Adamu exchanging dollars in East need Chukwuemeka to patronize him..Audu in South West wants Olamide to patronize his business. We laugh and talk; ofcourse we need the business- We need the money flowing(bad-badoo-baddest).

Then once we are home. Ebuka relaxes in front of his laptop or phone and writes up long hateful speech about Adamu’s tribe… how they are useless, how they are terrorist and how they do not contribute anything to Nigeria; meanwhile Ebuka’s wife is in kitchen preparing sweet jellop rice while singing: ‘My Jellop rice is ready'(as my friend Jenifa will say) and Ebuka’s wife is probably using tomatoes and other ingredients including meat that was made possible by Adamu’s tribes effort to feed the nation and Ebuka is probably living in a comfortable house and driving a good car because of Adamu’s tribe buying things from him yet they are useless? And do not contribute anything? For real?
Anyway, Adamu goes home, he composes about how Ebuka’s tribe are kidnappers and baby factory and are the problem of Nigeria..Olamide isnt left out. He attacks Ebuka and Adamu’s tribe on how they are problem of Nigeria and do not contribute anything but his states economy is very vibrant courtesy of Ebuka and Audu’s peoples investment In his state.. Ebuka and Adamu then calls Olamide dirty and ritualistic. You see? The trend continues and they succeed in passing their demonic attitude to their children.
The next day, Olamide opens up a firm..and only Ebuka can give him the services he needs to make it prosperous. He smiles and pretends like just yesternight he wasn’t online condemning Ebuka’s tribes and generation.

Now, If we can be united by necessity? Why cant we try to also be united by our diversity? Let that which unites us be greater than that which divides us.. but it takes our determination to achieve this.
Hate mongering doesn’t just affect the person you are hating on; it also affects you..sooner or later; it always comes back to bite you. Sometimes even far harder.

In some part of the Northern Nigeria, clashes between tribes or different religious group occur sometimes. You see, this kind of thing ruins the possibility of violent prone states to be great… Foreign investment is hampered.. Tourism is put on hold and brilliant minds are kept away from developing the state. No one wants to go or remain in places where their business or life is put in danger and those indigenous populations in the state that have potentials flee to find places they can achieve greatness. It takes few minority in this state to ruin the image of majority. And no matter the efforts made by the state governments to attract investments or tourist(both local and abroad); it is hard if not impossible.

Now in similar case; We have this in some other parts of Nigeria with the high intolerance and hate mongering and on international scene, we have South Africa slowly starting to ruin their image.. The constant Xenophobic attacks on African migrants is threatening to derail years of effort made by great Mandela to make South Africa one of the great countries in Africa but how can you be great when you have slowly started to chase potential brilliant minds and investors out of your country?
Call for nationalism is slowly threatening the little efforts made over the years to integrate the world… however, nationalism is relatively new to Africa but increasingly growing in South Africa.

We must fight to protect human dignity and right of migrants abroad. In the end; the world is only as good as we want it to be.. When we push for hate and violence; we get it in return. We only blame ourselves for our own problems.

  1. – Think
  2. – Reflect
  3. – Change for good.

Good morning all.

©Arthur Iwuala
 Mr Proboscis

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